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At Legriffe Offset, we care about more than just your Printing project,
we want to help your business succeed. So, we work with you during the
entire process of completing your Offset Printing Work, from beginning to end.

Our printing process

Our meticulous attention to detail at every step of the printing process ensures superior results.

It is simply the extra amount of paper required for accurate calibration of a printing project in order to ensure that the job runs correctly. Our technologically advanced printers configure rapidly and reduce the Make Ready wastage by over 90%.

Make ready

Proofing is the final check that everything is good and ready to print. While we manually check every project before printing, our high-end printers largely obviate the need of manual intervention for proofing.


With a commitment to accept nothing less than precise, sharp impressions, we consistently produce fine quality prints that create a world as good as yours, on paper by maintaining the four printing elements in absolute harmony.


More than just printing

We also perform all the following services:

Bindery & fulfillment

This step encompasses everything we do to prepare for your print project: placing images, choosing colors, and setting up the plates & printer. Our make ready expertise plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for a successful project.

Packaging & shipping

Need us to package and ship your project? No problem. We will make sure that your print materials are packed perfectly and arrive safely in your hands, on time and in perfect condition.

File storate

If you think you’ll want to reprint your project later, just tell us. We can securely store all the files for your project, saving you time and work in the future. In many cases, we don’t charge for this service.

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Offset Printing Services in Ahmedabad

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Printing Services in Ahmedabad

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